Scene, Clubs & Events

Without any claims to being complete, we have gathered together some of the most important informations to the club scene and nightlife that Leipzig has to offer. From underground to trendy discos – there’s something here for everybody…

Ilses Erika: Currently the most popular Leipziger cellar club with crazy shows such as “Show Cacola”  ( TV shows are replayed live here), the sit-com “Zimmer frei”, dealing with life in a shared flat or criminal “whodunnits” to take part in.

Music: British pop/independent and generally what todays students like to hear. This is also where small concerts from bands such as Travis and Chumbawamba have taken place in front of small handpicked audiences.

Werk 2: You’ll find this large cultural centre (as well as a record shop and the Cafe Connstanze) in the old but renovated factory grounds directly on the Connewitzer crossroads. There´s always something happening here to suit all tastes.

Spizz: This jazz and music club is situated directly on Leipzigs marketplace. Live concerts but also jazz and funk discos.

Gießerstraße: Alternative cultural project in the westerly Plagwitz district. Live music, readings, performances, political events….and in Summer a campfire in the courtyard of this former factory site.

Haus Auensee: This is where internationally known mainstream bands play. Situated slightly out of town in the middle of the Auenwald (Auen Wood), beside an idyllic lake.

Conne Island : Undoubtedly the spiritual home of Leipzigs stagedivers ! When in this internationally known club in Leipzigs Connewitz district, hardcore, punk, hip hop, ska or other concerts are staged, it’s not only confetti that flies about. Audiences of up to 800 people can be expected at the concerts of this autonomous centre.

NATO: Well situated on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. The NATO today is a favourate meeting place for students in the southern suburbs of Leipzig. Live music – independent, jazz, experimental, cinema. Prices for live concerts around 7,50 Euro.

Moritzbastei: Or MB for short, is the largest student club in East Germany. In the old vaults under the university grounds in the city centre you’ll find a cafe, bars, live music and discos on various floors.