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On the following sites we give you a glimpse on the city. Fairs, events, museums, concerts, cultural scene, pubs and much more. Discover the wild east!


MRS. Hippie

There are uncountable shopping possibilities in pedestrian- friendly Leipzig. From fashion to jewellery, books, antiques, furniture and electronic items, there is almost everything the heart desires….

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leipzig oper

As you may have read, Leipzig is a cultural city. Many of the city’s famous ‘children’, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy und Friedrich Schiller have left their tracks here….

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leipzig bachdenkmal

Leipzig offers a large amount of places worth visiting for the sightseer. We have gathered together here the most important and most interesting, along with any corresponding links….

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leipzig szene

Without any claims to being complete, we have gathered together some of the most important informations to the club scene and nightlife that Leipzig has to offer…..

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